Lab members

Dr George Zachos

George Zachos completed his PhD at the University of Crete in 1997. He then received postdoctoral training, first at the Institute of Virology of the University of Glasgow from 1997-2000 and then at  Prof David Gillespies' lab in the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow, U.K. from 2000-2007. In 2008, George moved to the Department of Biology of the University of Crete at Heraklion, Greece as an Assistant Professor in Cell Biology. In 2015, he became Associate Professor and continues to hold this position today. 



Dr Eleni Petsalaki

Eleni completed her PhD in 2014 and has been working in our lab as a post-doc since. She is investigating mitotic spindle checkpoint mechanisms, the abscission checkpoint and mechanisms of spindle formation. From 2021, she continues working in our lab as an independent H.F.R.I fellow.


Ms Sofia Balafouti

Sofia completed her Masters degree in our lab in July 2021. She is now a PhD student in our laboratory and she is investigating mechanisms that stabilize chromatin bridges in cytokinesis.


Mr Nikos Boutakoglou

Nikos completed his Masters degree in our lab in July 2021. He is now a PhD student in our laboratory where he is investigating mechanisms of mitotic spindle formation in human cells.


Ms Athina Kyriazi

Athina is a Master's student in our lab. She is currently investigating  mechanisms of abscission checkpoint activation in human cells.


Mr Dimitris Efthymiou

Dimitris is an undergraduate student in our lab. He is investigating  mechanisms of mitotic cell division in human cells. 


Past members

Post docs

Persefoni Fragkiadaki 

Katerina Kouvidi 

George Vallianatos 

Lina Papadimitriou 

Dusanka Ljumovic 

Tonia Akoumianaki

PhD & Post graduates

Dimitra Mitsiadou

Despina Giamaki

Maria Dandoulaki 

Nikolaos Garefalakis 

Fani Magana 

Ioanna Koltsaki 

Emmanuella Kallergi 

Elpiniki Kalogeropoulou 

Ioanna Peraki


Ismini Marava

Anna-Maria Syntihaki 

Stavroula Boukoura 

Alexandros Iskantar 

Maria-Dianeira Tsiridou 

Manos Stylianakis 

Anna Mantsiou 

Georgia Koromila 

Despoina Alagantaki